MARK FLETCHER (Editor) has been a wildlife film editor and writer for over 25 years, and has worked with leading wildlife filmmakers including Hugo van Lawick, Howard Hall, and Alan Root. Films that he has produced, edited or written have won over 50 Emmys , and many other awards.

    Credited as producer, writer and editor he has made: Andes, the Dragon’s Back (2006), Penguins of Antarctic (2007), The Turtle’s Guide to the Pacific (2008) Bears of Top of the World (2008), Clever Monkeys (2009), Secret Leopard (2009), Bringing up Baby (2010), Himalayas (2010), Animal House (2011), The Mating Game (2013). Mark is known for his BBC Natural History Unit output for television, for BBC 1 and 2, including writing for David Attenborough. Recent projects range from leading editor and writer for ITV 1 Aussie Animal Island series, leading editor on the 5-part Brazil series for Terra Mater, and writer/editor of Beavers for WNET/Nature. Mark has a cutting room in Wiltshire, but works anywhere.